Storefront 101: 9 Things You Need to Know

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Storefront 101 - SmEducational content is a crucial benefit of membership in your association, and your members know it. Getting their hands on your materials—printed and digital alike—should be an easy process that gives members access to the best content in the industry, while providing a non-dues revenue stream for your association.

Striking the right balance isn’t always easy, though. Some providers of eCommerce sites take a large percentage of the purchase price, for example, and other sites can be clunky to use. Finding the right provider makes buying and selling publications easy and hassle-free for both your association staff and your members.

Through a complete storefront, you can:

  1. Offer printed materials. Give members the opportunity to purchase directories, standards, policy books, technical manuals, and other publications.
  2. Sell physical digital media (USBs, CDs, and DVDs). Some members will prefer to view your association’s publications on a computer, but need to be able to access materials when internet connectivity may not be available.
  3. Give members the opportunity to download digital files. This alternative also helps members with frequent connectivity issues, or those who wish to keep materials in an offline but digital location, like a professional development desktop folder.
  4. Offer subscriptions to association content. Your association’s most connected members may prefer to access your materials online. A complete storefront gives them that option.
  5. Protect your digital files with watermarking. Your content is valuable, and it’s not intended for unauthorized use. Watermarking adds a stamp to a downloaded file, which limits sharing.
  6. Safeguard your content with digital rights management (DRM). For an additional level of protection, many associations count on DRM. Only those who have paid to view your content will be able to access it.
  7. Strengthen your brand with a storefront that keeps your association front and center. Have you ever visited an online store and temporarily lost track of the purchase because you were directed to an external site? Your members won’t experience that.
  8. Keep profits—all of them—with your association. Non-dues revenue is hard enough to come by. If you have to share the profits with your provider, those dollars won’t go as far. Choose a provider that doesn’t take a cut.
  9. Integrate with your member database. Create a complete record of member activity when your member database and online storefront system work together.

Professionals understand that access to industry content is an important—maybe even primary—reason to renew their membership your association, year after year. A complete storefront solution that makes the process of purchasing publications quick and easy. That positive experience will add their satisfaction, which leads to more renewals, additional content purchases, and a more active, knowledgeable membership.

To learn more about Omnipress’ user-friendly storefront, download our white paper: The Complete Storefront Solution.


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