Why You Need a Single Storefront for Your Association Training Materials

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E-learning education or internet library. Conceptual imageHow user-friendly is your association’s eCommerce site? When a learner signs up for a continuing education course, can they easily navigate to a storefront where they can purchase class materials? Do they have to jump through hoops to find the right site for the course book and other materials that they’ll need?

On some association websites, different materials are sold in separate web pages. Sometimes that means all print is together, and digital files are in another location. Want to purchase a subscription to access online materials? That’s a totally different store.

It’s not hard for learners to get confused when they have to engage in a scavenger hunt just to buy materials for class. This should be an easy step for them; the course itself is where they look for a real challenge.

With a single storefront, printed materials, digital files, and subscriptions are sold in one online location, easy for learners to find and use. Given that course materials represent an important source of non-dues revenue for your association, an intuitive storefront is a must-have.

The more formats you use to help learners connect with course content, the better. Learners will benefit from early access to online training materials. USBs and CDs are helpful as well, offering a digital option that doesn’t require internet connectivity. Printed materials give learners the best opportunity to fully engage with the content; it’s the best choice for deep reading and comprehension.

Offering all of these options in a single storefront is easier for learners, and gives your association customization opportunities. Omnipress’ storefront can be modified to accept coupon codes (for someone who registers early, for example) and price breaks (say, the opportunity to save 10% if the printed course book and digital file are both purchased).

To help association professionals like you learn about the benefits of a single storefront solution, we have produced a new white paper: The Complete Storefront Solution. Download it now! If you need help offering your learners course materials for purchase, reach out to us. We’ll help you make it easier for learners to find and buy course materials.


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