Overachievers Unite! Use Online Training Materials to Get Ahead

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Good student - SmIn your association’s continuing education courses, you probably get several participants that your instructors would describe as “A students.” How do you recognize an A student? Here are some clues.

  • They are the first people to register for the course.
  • They know the materials inside and out.
  • They ask intelligent questions.
  • They will be most successful in applying their new skills when they return to the office.

Your instructors wish that every classroom were filled with A students, excited to learn and eager to please. Instead, they often see those who come to fulfill a requirement, with body language that shows they would rather be anywhere else.

Support your best students by giving them the edge they crave—offer your training materials online before the course begins. Eager learners will read ahead and come to class prepared to apply the topics at hand and more fully participate in class discussions. Online access to training materials makes it easy for ambitious students to engage with the course content before, during, and after class.

Even less-motivated learners will appreciate the opportunity to read training materials online. Downloading a PDF that they can read on a plane, for example, gives them the option of reading the material—without a huge course book in tow.

Reading print is a best practice for learning and should not be replaced by online conference materials. There are times, however, when having online access to training content helps learners, whether it’s through pre-reading course content, interacting with videos or other materials that work better online, or reading on the go.

All learners benefit for more exposure to course content, so let online training materials be the preview that high-achievers and other students alike will appreciate.

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