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Thinking Publications - SmYour association content extends far beyond the annual meeting. Publications are an important part of the puzzle, too. The time and effort that goes into producing your directories, standards, policy books, and technical manuals, among other publications, is considerable. Given the chance, you’d probably like to streamline this process.

Omnipress can help with both online and printed publications. You may already know how easy it is to work with us for your conference printing, and how impressive the results can be. The same is true for our printed publications.

A dedicated project manager works with you every step of the way. Formatting and design services are available if you need help preparing your content to go on press. You can choose from a number of different elements, including binding types and tab options, to create the right resource for your members.

Omnipress is also flexible when it comes to print runs. A hefty policy book that is distributed annually is a better match for a larger print run than a saddle-stitched directory that is updated every quarter.

When it’s time to ship out your association’s publications, you can rest assured that Omnipress is ready to fill the orders that come in. We are your one-stop shop for publications: printing, order fulfillment, online, and more. Our order system can be integrated with your AMS or bookstore (more on that soon!). Inventory management is another service we offer, with reports available online 24/7.

Our digital publishing platform is a great solution for busy members on the go. A book of standards that can be accessed from a job site on a tablet or smartphone, for example, can make an electrician’s job easier.

Search goes beyond the keyword, crawling through the full text for mentions of a search term. Alternatively, users could start by narrowing the field using faceted search. Association professionals like yourself appreciate that access to materials can be controlled, based on member or subscription status.

To wrap all of these services together in a tidy package where your members can find them, we also offer an online storefront where your association can offer print publications, digital files, and/or physical digital media (USBs and CDs) for purchase.

The storefront can also be integrated with your member database, giving you a complete picture of an individual’s activity within your association. Omnipress will build the storefront to reflect your brand. What won’t we do? Take a single penny from the payments you collect. The money stays with your association; we don’t take a cut.

Rethink how you produce and distribute your association’s publications. Omnipress can handle all of your needs for technical manuals, standards, policy books, directories, and much more—formatting and design services, printing, order fulfillment, digital publishing, and an online storefront to help connect your members with the publications they want.

We can help you at every step, under one roof, with a dedicated project manager to answer any questions you have along the way. To learn more, visit the Publications section of our website, contact an account manager, or visit the Omnipress booth (#403) at the American Media & Publishing (AMP) 2015 Annual Meeting (June 15-17 in Washington, D.C.).


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