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Storefront - Proceedings - SmIf you’ve been following Omnipress on the blog or social media lately, you may have seen our posts about our new Storefront product, launched about two months ago. Using Storefront, an online marketplace, your association can sell both physical goods and digital content.

In our marketing for Storefront, we focused on training and publications, the markets where we see the greatest potential for a good fit. But the Storefront works for conference content, too. Proceedings, for example, could be sold in an online marketplace, to be delivered in print, online, and/or on a USB or CD.

With Storefront, your association can offer all types of content—conference, training, publications, or any combination thereof—in any format—in print, on a USB or CD, as digital files, or any combination of these. And that flexibility is just the beginning!

Omnipress can help to discourage the sharing, copying, and printing by adding a layer of protection to digital files. Watermarking helps prevent online resources from unauthorized use, without the usability issues that sometimes come with full digital rights management (DRM). If additional protection is needed, however, we can safeguard online content with DRM.

Consistent branding is important to your association. Omnipress understands this; the Storefront reflects your association’s logo and colors. Attendees will feel right at home because the look and feel of the site will be familiar to them.

Payments collected through the Storefront will be deposited directly into your account; we will never take a cut from the sales price of your association’s content. To make matters even easier, the Storefront can integrate with your member database. This allows you to create a complete record of member activity, including the purchase of proceedings, publications, and training materials that your association offers through the Storefront.

Omnipress’ Storefront is a useful tool to facilitate the sale of all of your association’s content, including publications, training materials, and conference content. Offer members the opportunity to purchase hard goods, like printed books and USB drives, as well as digital files. For more information, visit the training or publication pages about Storefront, or read the press release. Or you could take the next step and contact us to get started!


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