5 Things Associations Can Accomplish with our New Storefront

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choiceTraining materials come in all shapes and sizes—and formats—to meet the needs of all learners. Doesn’t it make sense to offer those resources for purchase through an online store that lets them choose how they want to consume continuing education content?

Our new storefront lets you do that, and much more. Learners can choose printed training materials, CDs, USBs, ePubs, and/or PDFs—any and every format you offer for continuing education courses. Other benefits await you as well. With the single storefront, associations can:

  1. Offer multiple content delivery options. We believe that print is a best practice for learning, but supplementary materials on physical digital media (CDs, DVDs, and USBs) and online can be helpful for professionals on the go. Some class participants like to read up on course materials through a digital publishing platform before a learning event. Offer all options through a single storefront to meet everyone’s needs.
  2. Protect their digital materials. Some associations want to deter sharing, copying, and printing of their valuable continuing education materials. Watermarking and digital rights management (DRM) provide different levels of security. By adding download information (name, date, email address), watermarking discourages sharing of ePubs and PDFs without impacting the usability of the resource. DRM, on the other hand, gives an additional degree of security, but is seen as more intrusive.
  3. Choose to offer price breaks and coupon codes. Your association can create coupon codes, based on, for example, membership level or early registration. Our storefront is also set up to give pricing breaks, if you so choose. One association offers a discount if a learner buys the print and digital versions of the same resource.
  4. Keep its branding consistent across platforms. We believe a storefront should reflect the brand of the association it represents, so that’s what we offer. Omnipress understands how important it is for your organization to shine and own its continuing education training. You can offer any or all types of options for content—print, digital files, USBs. Whatever you’ve got, we’ll include it. Payment stays under your purview, too. Omnipress doesn’t take a percentage of your profits; every dime a learner spends on continuing education materials stays with your association.
  5. Integrate with Omnipress’ fulfillment and inventory management system. The more Omnipress can do for your association, the more time and frustration you save. Omnipress’ inventory management system works with your storefront to keep tabs on your titles.

Get continuing education resources into your learners’ hands with a minimum of fuss and muss. Omnipress’ storefront—especially when used in conjunction with our print, fulfillment, inventory management, and online training materials services—helps your association streamline the process of educating professionals.


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