USBs & Event Content Websites: Complementary Content Delivery

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Flash drive.With so many options available to associations as they present event content to attendees, it can be difficult to decide which way to go. Many of your association’s members prefer print, while others wish to access content online. Still others want a CD or USB so they can read information on a laptop, even if internet access is unavailable.

Printed programs and proceedings will always be in the Omnipress wheelhouse; stay tuned for more information about conference printing in the coming weeks. To offer digital solutions that can also be accessed when internet access is spotty or completely unavailable, consider the complementary combination of a USB and an event content website.

USBs offer the convenience of digital delivery, complete with organized content and advanced search capabilities. USBs also make for a branded, memorable giveaway that attendees appreciate. Whenever attendees use the USB after your annual meeting, to read up on content delivered at the event or to transfer files of their own, they’ll remember your association fondly.

When you add an online companion site to your USB offering, you give attendees another avenue to access valuable event content. The navigation of the USB and the website match; attendees will feel comfortable, not lost, if they decide to go online to read content.

To quote Emily Keller, SGNA Education Coordinator with SmithBucklin, “We could optimize the opportunity to reach the attendees by advertising products, marketing upcoming events, and more. I wouldn’t have though to use the flash drive in that way, but it worked perfectly!” (For more information, read the full SGNA case study.)


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