Managing Mobile Apps: Easier with Integration

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Fully-Integrated-1Mobile apps are meant to make our lives easier. Whether you want to check the weather, shop online, get directions to a friend’s house, listen to your new favorite song—you can do all of this quickly and easily on your smartphone.

The same is true for a mobile event app for your association’s annual event. It’s easy to use and makes important information accessible to attendees instantly, right in the palms of their hands. Features that can’t be replicated offline, like GPS-enabled map (you are the “blue dot”) and live polling, make the event feel more connected than ever before.

But it’s not just easier for them—it’s easier for you, too, especially if you’re working with Omnipress to create an event content website. When you work with Omnipress for a website and a mobile app, you get the added bonus of a simple, streamlined hub to make changes to both the website and the app.

Better yet, this is true whether your association chooses the Event App or the Connect App. With the Connect App, however, you can access the Connect CMS, which helps you manage attendee engagement with the app, including push notifications and live polling.

Device compatibility is always a consideration with mobile event apps. Omnipress has you covered—the event app is native to iPhone and Android. Do your attendees use Windows phones or Blackberrys? No problem! A web version of the app can be used on those devices. (Note: The Connect App features are not compatible with the web version.)

Attendees love having more than one avenue to the information—your event website, the mobile app, maybe a printed program as well. You love the convenience of using one system to make content changes. Offer your event content in multiple formats and everyone wins!


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