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Paper Waste - SmDo you like to offer printed materials for your continuing education training, but hate the waste that sometimes results from producing too many course books at once? It can be tricky to balance the needs of learners and the likelihood that changes in your industry will lead to content changes.

While none of us has a crystal ball to see into the future and order the exact count you’ll need before content changes, we all have opportunity to minimize the waste of outdated training materials. When you partner a company that prints on demand, you’ll optimize your investment, in terms of money and natural resources.

Associations strive to use the newest, most accurate content for their continuing education training materials. In many cases, that means last year’s course book won’t cut it. An on-demand printing solution allows associations to have materials printed as they are needed. Estimates are still needed to keep the process moving smoothly, but your association will only be charged for the course books that are ordered by your learners.

Let’s take a for-instance: Say you expect that 800 people will take a certain course. With that estimate in mind, Omnipress would print 800 copies of the approved course book and keep them on hand, ready for the orders to start pouring in. When all is said and done, 775 learners ordered the course book. The association pays for 775 books and only 25 books are leftover, ready for the next course if the materials doesn’t change.

With other printers, you might have to order a specific quantity, with 1,000 often serving as the breaking point. If you had to order 1,000 course books, you’d have 200 extra, which is a waste of money and resources. With Omnipress, the additional cost (monetary and environmental) is minimal.

Many learners prefer print, and there is a growing body of research has revealed that printed materials lead to better retention. If you’re tempted to move entirely online to save money or resources, consider striking a better balance: offer course books for better learning and use print on demand to manage costs. Offer online access to materials as a matter of convenience, not as a replacement for print.

To learn more about how reading printed materials increases retention, listen to this podcast episode: Print Books Build Better Brains.


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