Case Study: Vibration Institute

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Print, Training

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Case studies take a deeper look into a vendor-customer relationship to give you a for-instance. If your association were to partner with Omnipress, for instance, here’s what you might expect. This is how you might first come across us. Here’s how the relationship will start. This might be the process. And this, the result, might be just as rewarding if you work with Omnipress.VI-New

We love a good story, and case studies are some of the best around. This case study, the first in our Case Study of the Week weekly feature, highlights how Vibration Institute updated its look when it began working with Omnipress to print and fulfill its training materials. The “facelift” made VI appear like the industry leader it is, matching the materials to the true value it brings to members. You’ve got to see the transition to believe it!



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