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timelineOmnipress has expanded its mobile event app services to include important social features to enhance your event. In addition to the new features shown here, the Connect App includes everything our Event App has to offer. Read yesterday’s blog post for details on the Event App.

In order to create a more social app, we have made these features available to users of the Connect App:

  • Camera & Picture Viewer: Attendees can snap photos with an on-board camera and post the to the timeline. Simply touch a photo to enlarge it.
  • Person-to-Person Messaging: Attendees can get in touch with each other or other event contacts, like exhibitors or association staff, without revealing their email address or phone number.
  • Live Polling: Amp up the excitement of any session with real-time results! Ask a polling question and have attendees participate using the app.
  • Push Notifications: Got a room change or general announcement to communicate? Send a push notification!
  • Timeline: Attendees can post to a common timeline, available to all users who set up a profile. Users can like or comment on each other’s posts. Exhibitors, sponsors, and association staff can also use the timeline to share information.

The Connect App brings you more of what you and your attendees are looking for—greater engagement, easier options for getting in touch with others, and added excitement and immediacy.

For more information about the Connect App:

  • View the demo: See the Connect App in action!
  • Visit our website: Learn more on the mobile event page about both apps: E and Connect.
  • Download the updated whitepaper: Read about how you can implement a mobile event app, including the social features included in the Connect App.

Next week, we’ll take a look at what an event using these social features would look like. Stop back to check it out. Or, better yet, subscribe to the blog so you’ll never miss an important post!



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