Search No Further: The True Value of Online Publications

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Online Publishing, Publications

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Search - SmallerYour association publications are important resources for your members. The printed volumes hold a special place on the office bookshelf, available whenever there’s a question to answer or a procedure to look up.

But your members are spending less time in the office. In fact, “office” is becoming more of a mindset than a location. This becomes a problem when a member is on the road and the book of standards they need remains on the shelf.

Digital publishing solves this problem and many others. For example, full-text and faceted search makes online publications just as valuable as their printed counterparts. Sometimes they’re even easier to use. If you’ve ever wished your car’s owner’s manual had a Google feature instead of a (practically useless) index, you know what I’m talking about.

Faceted search lets members bring the results into ever-clearer focus, like turning the knobs on a microscope. At first, you barely know what you’re looking at, but the more you adjust your focus, the clearer the image becomes. Add more facets to your search to bring about relevant results.

Full-text search goes beyond its more general cousin, keyword search. Results include all instances of the word in the search box, not just those deemed “keywords” by the person who set up the website. Sometimes this can lead to an embarrassment of riches, but when used in combination with faceted search, full-text can help members easily locate the information they need.

Help your members use your publications optimally. Omnipress can also print and fulfill your standards, policy books, directories, and technical manuals, providing a full-service solution for the association publications your members value most.


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