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poster-in-a-laptop-zoomedAs we come to the end of our tour of Omnipress’ poster suite of services today, please remember that you have other resources at your disposal if you’d like even more information:

Even in the best of circumstances (close enough to read the words, more than two minutes until the next session starts, no one is blocking the view, etc.), attendees aren’t likely to read an entire scientific poster at an association event.

Some presenters may think ahead enough to print up handouts, but how often do loose handouts make it back to their home offices? In order for scientific posters to get the attention the research truly deserves, they need another “home”: online after the event.

Just as taking proceedings online makes the content available to more people after the event, providing online access to posters expands the reach and extends the life of your event content. Unless attendees come to the event specifically to view poster sessions (hint: they did not), most will not have seen everything they’re interested in learning from poster presenters. And that’s to say nothing of members who weren’t able to attend the event! Just imagine the breadth of knowledge your membership could gain from online access to posters after an event.

Other features worth noting for our online posters:

  • Access Control: Will your posters be available to attendees only? Members only? Any visitor to your site? However you choose to control access, we can manage it.
  • Responsive Design: Our websites are designed to look just right on your device, from the smallest smartphone to the large presentation screen in your conference room.

When you provide attendees or members with an organized, searchable online hub for posters, they have access to the latest research in the field. We’re talking about a clean online viewing experience, too, not a small replica of the poster, which leads you to mess with your screen resolution to be able to read as much as the title.

Check out our online poster viewer demo to see our magnifying feature in action on posters from the Orthopaedic Trauma Association. For the squeamish, who would rather avoid seeing magnified orthopaedic trauma, I recommend choosing poster #10.

Omnipress is excited to bring you its poster suite of services, which allow you to manage that aspect of your event as easily as we can help with our general event services (collection, mobile event apps, online event services, conference printing, and USBs & CDs). We’re here to make your life easier for you, so if you’ve always found poster sessions to be a hassle to manage, we encourage you to give us a try. Thank you for your consideration!


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