Settling in for a Good Read – The Case for Printed Proceedings

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Content Strategy, Events, Print

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Printed Proceedings - smallerAs you think about your event content, consider how—as well as when and where—attendees will consume it. Some information, like conference schedules and speaker bios, will be read on-site as attendees plan their itineraries and make their way around the event venue. These summaries are skimmed to get the general idea of a session and make a decision to check it out in person or read about it after the event.

Other content, however, requires a higher level of commitment. A lengthy, in-depth paper, regardless of the subject, can be quite an undertaking. For this type of reading, some argue, print is the better choice.

That’s the reason that many of our clients have continued to provide their attendees with printed programs and proceedings, even as they add content to event websites, mobile event apps, and CDs or USBs. This gives attendees the choice to engage with the content quickly, with an end goal in mind, as they do with a mobile app or to make the conscious decision to learn and absorb the information, as they do with print and sometimes with event websites.

Leave it up to your attendees how they interact with the content. Following the conference, follow up with targeted tracking. How many people downloaded the app? How many hits did the website get? How many programs were left over? This helps you plan for the future, while still allowing individuals to choose for themselves how to interact with the valuable information you make available to them.

Next time you sit in your office, or your living-room recliner, to do some serious, intensive reading of a book, magazine, or other printed piece, remember that many of your attendees will approach your event’s proceedings in the exact same way. Continue to offer printed materials to make sure they have that opportunity.


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