Reflections on Training 2014 Conference with Dan and Vince

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Workbook - smallerIn early February, Product Director Dan Loomis and Account Manager Vince Reindl attended the Training 2014 Conference & Expo in San Diego. In their discussions with corporate trainers, they learned a lot about how they deliver continuing education training materials. These observations have a direct parallel to associations with professional development courses and certification programs.

Dan reports that many organizations want to provide print, but find the cost to be prohibitive. Despite a growing base of research that suggests printed materials make for a better learning experience, the reality of budget restrictions makes it difficult to provide both physical and online resources for learners.

Vince found that instructors are often printing materials on their own, outside of the organization. This becomes a branding issue. Only by using a single source for printing all training materials can you be absolutely sure that the branding (including color, logos, layout, and more) is consistent across all materials.

When organizations focus on printing costs, they aren’t making learner experience and retention the top priority. Capital investment isn’t the only factor here. If your association endeavors to provide professional development and education opportunities to members, the goal should be doing it the best way possible, which is often not the cheapest.

The choice is clear: Partner with a company that can provide blended learning solutions—both print and online resources from a single source. Omnipress welcomes the opportunity to serve your organization in this capacity.

No matter how you decide to deliver training materials, it’s worth some time and consideration to think through the issues informing your decisions. Cost, brand, and learner retention all deserve to be part of that discussion.


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