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Woman on Phone - SmallerAs I was rewriting some Omnipress web copy last week, I typed out  “dedicated project manager.” When I showed it to a colleague, he had a question: Are the project managers dedicated—to clients, to quality, to good customer service—or has a project manager been assigned to each account?

Good question! We don’t want to be unclear. Truth is, Omnipress project managers fit in both categories. Let’s take a closer look.

Dedicated to your success: Our project managers are a talented bunch, but some of their best skills involve working with you. Whether you’re on the phone with Jessica Reaves Miller (online collection) or emailing John Hinch (conference printing, CDs, and USBs), your project manager is dedicated to understanding the problems you face, the event you’re coordinating, and the content delivery issues you need resolved.

Our project managers pride themselves on providing you with the best experience possible as they make your association’s content available to members, attendees, and learners. Every conversation you have with this team, led by the energetic Vice President of Sales and Service Patty Keller, is a testament to their dedication to making your event, publications, and training programs a success.

Dedicated to your account: With some vendors, when you call in to ask a question or get help, you might talk to a different employee every time. No one is unfriendly, exactly, but you have to fully explain what you need and tell your backstory and other fundamental details all over again with each call. How frustrating!

Not so with Omnipress. When you partner with us for your mobile event app, for instance, you’ll work with resident expert Ali Abercrombie. Need an event website built? Your project manager is Kai Oldenburg. They get to know your association, your pains, and you personally.

Our project managers become so involved in your process that they begin to anticipate your needs, especially if your association works with us for many years. In some cases, your Omnipress account and project managers may work with you longer than your actual employees!

So have no fear—our project managers are dedicated, in both senses of the word, giving you the best possible experience while helping your association deliver knowledge.

Do you have a favorite Omnipress project manager? Leave a comment below and show them some love!


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