OmniPresence: The True Meaning of Fulfillment

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Tracy Gundert- SmallerWhen I think of fulfillment, I picture the Omnipress warehouse, filled with countless titles, ready to be sent out for continuing education training. The learners will receive materials, either sent to them individually or to the classroom, and the organization can count on Omnipress to get the right materials delivered on time.

But that’s because, to the Omnipress team, fulfillment is just another way we help our clients. To most people, however, fulfillment has more to do with the feeling of pride that comes with a job well done. When a training director sees that a new course has high enrollment and positive feedback from members, that person feels fulfilled. That moment is deeply rewarding and represents the reasons most of them decided to pursue a career in continuing education in the first place.

How does my idea of fulfillment relate to yours? Think about it this way: Does packing and shipping boxes (done by you personally or other staff members) lead to that feeling of professional fulfillment? Probably not.

Most people don’t go into continuing education training because they want to spend their days sending out materials. They enter the field to bring important knowledge to professionals in their field, to help people succeed and grow in their careers, and to do their part to make the world a better place through CE training. That’s where fulfillment lies for most training directors we know.

To improve your professional fulfillment, leave the print and fulfillment to Omnipress. We do get satisfaction from packing and shipping CE materials to learners so they can learn how to do a better job. We see order fulfillment as our link in the chain that leads to your fulfillment, and that of your learners. We all play a part in delivering knowledge to professionals.

Increase your life fulfillment by leaving order fulfillment to Omnipress. We are happy to play a part in your educational mission, while helping you and your staff focus on creating content, providing instruction, and managing courses. We hope you’ll find Omnipress to be more than your fulfillment partner—we want to be your partner in achieving your own vision of fulfillment.


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Tracy is the leader of Omnipress as CEO and as mother of three girls (including twins) she has really figured it out how to manage life and work. She is part of our blog to share insight into what she is seeing in the association and non-profit industries.

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