Finding the Perfect Pair: The Benefits of Faceted Search

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Online Publishing, Publications

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Black Heel - SmallerOdds are, you’ve bought something online this year (maybe even this week). Did you go to the website with a specific product in mind, or did you browse around until you found a suitable version of what you wanted?

Whichever approach describes your process best, the item had to be located on the site before you could make your purchase. Sometimes this is an easy process; sometimes it’s frustrating enough to lead you to buy from someone else. The more items a site sells, the more important it is to get search right.

Zappos is a good example of search done right. Their multi-faceted approach works as well as any we’ve seen. Who knew you could search for women’s size 7W heels (pumps, specifically), for office/career, in black, under $100, with a 1-1.75” heel and a bow, and still have three great options? Pretty cool, considering 7W black heels yielded 360 pairs.

Just as no one has the time to sift through hundreds of pairs of shoes online, your members don’t want to waste resources looking through your online content. If you choose to post your publication content or event archives online (and we recommend that you do!), members would rather use a faceted approach like Zappos than open dozens of PDFs that your IT staff uploaded to find what they need. If they can’t find the right association content quickly and easily, it’s likely that they won’t bother to read it at all.

Omnipress’ digital publishing platform has the benefit of full-text, faceted search, which makes it simple for members to find the information they want. When they have a good experience searching through your content, they have a good experience with your association. Make a good impression while leveraging your content by publishing online with Omnipress.


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