“Begin at the beginning”: Abstract Collection & Beyond

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iStock_000019301351 - SmallerIn terms of content for your association’s annual event, where do you start? If you’re a Lewis Carroll fan, or a pragmatist, you’ll answer: “Begin at the beginning and go on til you come to the end: then stop.”

Well, far be it from us to disagree with the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, but sometimes the end is actually just the beginning.

Take abstract collection, for example. Your call for papers is likely the first step you take in collecting content for your next event. But when the call for papers is closed, is the process really over? In some ways, it’s just begun.

First your reviewers have to evaluate the submissions to determine the best fit for your event. Some are approved for poster presentations, which is a process in and of itself. Those papers that are approved for sessions have follow-up steps, too: notifying the author, collecting final presentations and handouts, and scheduling.

Even when all the materials have been collected, speakers have been notified, and the schedule is set, producing event content is not finished. Content doesn’t live in a vacuum and your attendees want access to the research and insight of your speakers. And that means content outputs.

How you go about delivering that knowledge is up to your association. Omnipress offers you choices: printed programs and proceedings, event websites, USBs and CDs, and mobile event apps. To make the content available after the event, consider adding an easy-to-use, searchable digital publishing platform to the mix.

Abstract collection is just the beginning, but that doesn’t mean your event content process has to be complicated or difficult. When you use the same vendor for collection and production of content outputs, life becomes easier. You can count on Omnipress to guide you through the process and take care of your event content from the beginning to the end, but we won’t stop helping you provide your members and attendees with the knowledge they need.


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