USB Drives: Content & Swag Combined

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usb flash driveWho doesn’t love free stuff? Not like your average wedding reception favors, that more often than not stay at the table, but free stuff you might actually use again. What do you offer to your conference attendees? Or do you leave that to the exhibitors? (Spoiler alert: Very few of those trinkets make it back home, either.)

Combine a service you provide to your attendees—important content from your event—with useable swag, like a USB drive. Keeping association content close at hand is important for those times when online resources may be scarce or slow.

Moreover, attendees can take USB drives home (and anywhere else, really—they’re smaller than your average smartphones) and delve into content with a bit more intention than many people tend to read research online. With USBs, you combine the readability of print with the convenience and portability of online resources.

To make content as swag even more attractive, Omnipress offers a variety of packaging options for USBs.

  • Lanyards/Other Straps: Keep your friends close and your event content closer. You can also custom-order wrist straps, key chains, and lanyards that feature your association’s logo or other artwork.
  • Cello packs: Need more space for information than the USB itself provides? Order this small plastic package and include a small printed ad, or leave the extra space for attendees to use for a name badge or agenda-at-a-glance.
  • Mini Cases: Cost-effective and secure, these small containers feature a magnetic closure. They look sharp and professional—without the steep cost.
  • Sleeves: A smaller plastic sleeve fits the flash drive more snugly and can be adhered inside a printed program or proceedings.

At your next event, send attendees home with something to remember you by that will also improve their overall conference experience. Offer content and swag in a USB and attendees will have what they need in one convenient, attractive package.


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