Podcast: In-House Print and Fulfillment vs. Outsourcing

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podcast-logoThis special episode is the audio from a webinar Dan and Tony hosted. After learning from an Omnipress survey that 53% of respondents use in-house staff for at least some printing and fulfillment of training materials, they decided to explore why more associations weren’t using outside resources to take care of these tasks.

Price per unit only tells part of the story. The opportunity costs involved with filling orders in-house really stack up, from renting office space for the printed materials, to shipping supplies, to staff time spent away from mission-critical work.

When considering whether to outsource, remember to think beyond raw numbers. What will your association lose if print and fulfillment is outsourced? (Frustration, having to handle multiple vendors, some capital.) What will you gain if you no longer had to handle order fulfillment in-house? (Staff time to dedicate to increasing membership, uncluttered office space, peace of mind that international shipping is done right.) When you use a trusted partner for print and fulfillment, you may be surprised to learn that you’ll save more than you’ll spend.

For more on the podcast, visit Omnipress.com/podcast or email podcast@omnipress.com.

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