5 Ways Omnipress Makes Abstract Submission Easier

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Events, Online Collection Systems

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Submit FileJust as great reviewers want a better abstract collection system, so do submitters. And who can blame them? After all the time and effort they’ve put into the research and writing of a paper, taking the next step to present at a conference should not, in fact, require advanced degrees to master.

Omnipress’ abstract management system includes features to make life easier for submitters. How? Submitters can:

  1. Take care of all presentation-related paperwork in one place, including A/V equipment requests, disclosures, professional bio, and speaker photo.
  2. Include virtually any type of submission. We accept not just content, but also images, videos, and just about anything else you can dream up.
  3. Start a draft to finish later. Need to look up that reference one more time before you click “Submit” but just don’t have the time right now? Save and come back when it’s convenient.
  4. Use the same system to submit final presentations and papers.
  5. Pick up the abstract management system as they go. This intuitive system doesn’t have a long learning curve.

When professionals submit an abstract for consideration in a national meeting or conference, their sights are set on advancing the career they’ve worked hard to build. There is a lot riding on it. After they’ve done their best to prepare an interesting, compelling abstract, the last thing they want to do is fight with a system that’s difficult to use. With Omnipress’ abstract management system, taking the next step is simple and hassle-free.


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