5 Key Takeaways from “DC Association Salary Survey Report 2013-14”

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Survey ResultsAre you surprised to learn that associations’ top challenge is building membership? Probably not. But other results from the DC Associations Salary Survey Report 2013-14 are worth noting, especially in terms of how content delivery can help organizations like yours meet their goals.

Katie Bascuas wrote a great article for Associations Now regarding this study, and her comments made me think about how Omnipress’ products fall in line with the strategies associations are using to build membership, offer new programs and services, work more efficiently and otherwise thrive. To combat membership decline, associations are employing different strategies and making changes to the way they deliver content to their members.

Here are five key takeaways to help you build membership:

  1. Offer new programs and services. What’s missing from your conference content offerings? Do your attendees have choices? Give your attendees options without putting an extra burden on association staff. Omnipress handles educational content in print, online, via CDs/USBs and through a mobile event app. When you work with us, you’ll get multiple outputs from a single vendor that has decades of experience serving associations.
  2. Stay current with changes in technology. Omnipress’ mobile event app represents a leap forward in content delivery and event information in general. Attendees love having access to conference details, from venue maps to downloadable handouts, on hand and ready to use. When you offer an event app, your association is set apart as a professional organization that keeps up with the technology used by their member base.
  3. Increase operations efficiency. Consider all the different processes that go into your educational content management. Are you using an online abstract collection system, or are you using email to handle this process? If you use the latter, are you experiencing some frustration with missed communications, difficulty keeping track of individual abstracts or constant follow-ups? That’s what many clients tell us their experience has been before they simplify with our abstract management system.
    We hear a similar sentiment from print and fulfillment clients. If you print your educational materials, store inventory in your office space and use association staff to fill orders, you should know that there is a more efficient way. When you work with a partner that can handle these tasks on your behalf, you can eliminate the hassle of packing and shipping, free up office space and reallocate staff time to mission-centric tasks. Operations don’t get much more efficient than that!
  4. Improve staff performance. One way to improve staff performance is to take a close look at how employees spend their time. How many hours of the workday does your staff spend on work that doesn’t serve the association’s mission and goals? Could some of those tasks be streamlined or outsourced? Would it be easier, for example, to work with a content delivery provider that could take on your print, mobile app and event website, rather than work with three different vendors for the same outputs?
  5. Implement new marketing strategies. One key aspect of marketing in a digital landscape is discoverability. When a potential new member googles professional development and your industry, does your association’s name top the list? Is it even on the first page?
    Increase this visibility—and your relevance with tech-savvy millenials—by making association content (both conference content and publications) available on a digital publishing platform. For even greater benefit, incorporate eCommerce into the site for an additional revenue stream.

While increasing productivity while “improving efficiency and effectiveness of operations” seems like a daunting task, all it really takes is the right tools to make it happen. Sometimes that means sticking with a process that works, but it often leads you to explore other options and make a change.

Omnipress is not a cure-all; content delivery is just one piece of a much larger puzzle. But you may be surprised how much difference a few tweaks in the system can make.


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