3 USB Features Attendees Will Love

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Content Strategy, Events

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USB Pendrive illustrationOn Monday, we discussed USBs as swag. When you take a look inside, USBs become even more valuable. Consider these features:

  1. Search: Our USBs are organized into searchable categories: author, program title, and session type. The powerful search engine combs through all of your content to help users find what they need, based on keywords, author name, and more. There’s no need for attendees to waste time opening files just to see if it contains the information they seek.
  2. Branding: Inside and out, your conference USBs can reflect your association’s—and your event’s— brand. Attendees will recognize the name, colors, and logos they already associate (pun intended!) with the event and organization in question. We know it’s important to remain consistent with branding, so we make it easy to customize your content accordingly. With USBs, the branding goes home with members, building a positive feeling (if only a subconscious one) with your organization and its valuable content.
  3. Content Options: This is no one-size-fits-all solution. Sure, you can include PDFs of session handouts, abstracts, and papers, but your conference content doesn’t need to stop there. You can also include audio or visual recordings of sessions, sponsor and exhibitor logos with embedded links, and a link to the event website, where attendees can go for timely information. Don’t forget to build excitement for the next conference by including its site, a link to your abstract collection site, and membership information.

Take a deeper dive inside Omnipress’ USB options by visiting the portfolio. Play around in the demos to see if USBs are the right choice for your association. Got questions? Contact us now!


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