Mobile Event Apps: Easy for Attendees, Easier for You

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MEA EasierDoesn’t your favorite app seem like the best life hack around? You can just pick up your phone, open the app, and take care of business. Sometimes “business” is adding an event to your calendar, but it can also be checking the weather to see if snow will delay your afternoon commute, or playing just one more game of Bejeweled Blitz before bed. We all have our priorities.

In our modern lives, apps are important links to the things we care about most. Apps also help us access the information we need most when we’re on the go.

And when are people more on the go, and more focusing on what they care about, than when they attend a professional conference? Your association’s event app should fill that need as a critical, useful “life hack” before, during, and after the conference. (Speaking of which, check out LinkedIn‘s great series on productivity hacks.)

An easy-to-use, intuitive app is a boon to attendees, and it can benefit association staff, too. When you partner with Omnipress, we’ll provide a start-to-finish solution for your mobile event app. Omnipress will set up your app, work with Apple and Android to get it approved, and upload all of your content for you. Just imagine having those tasks completely off your plate!

Want to make it even simpler? Use Omnipress’ online abstract and speaker management system. We can take care of your event content from the call for papers to all of your outputs, from print to event websites to mobile app. Consolidate your to-do list by choosing a single vendor that can handle all the content you produce for your conference, however you want to deliver it.

The best apps have great power—they help you get through your day. Harness that power for your association’s event by bringing your attendees a helpful, intuitive app. Help yourself by using a single vendor to handle your event content from collection to online, print, mobile, and beyond.

Got questions? We’ve got answers. Check out our mobile event app whitepaper or contact us to learn more.


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