Have Filter, Will Travel: Our Mobile App Can Filter by Track

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Vector illustration of gold funnelEven with a printed or online schedule-at-a-glance, event program offerings can be overwhelming. In some ways, this is a good thing. Your association is providing a wide variety of sessions for attendees, giving them plenty of opportunities to capitalize on their time out of the office, learning how to improve their skills. Way to go!

Still, it’s easy for attendees to skim a broad range of topics and miss a session that was right up their alley. If only there was a way to separate the wheat from the chaff, even when that means something different to every attendee.

You’re in luck! Omnipress’ mobile event app includes a feature that allows attendees to filter the schedule by track. Better yet, your association gets to decide what constitutes a track. Here are a few examples, though you are welcome to create your own:

  • Job Function: Engineers in the field and engineering professors, for example, may be interested in different sessions.
  • Career level: Members of the student chapter of the association have different needs than young professionals, which are not the same as those for experienced and mid-career workers.
  • Managers and leadership: Managing your own professional development or managing a team of 20 professionals? The answer will determine which sessions appeal to you most.
  • Focus: What do you want from your conference experience? Professional development? New research? Best practices? Management training? Your attendees can decide the right track to make the event work for them.

What if attendees are interested in exploring more than one track, but don’t want to take in the entire extensive schedule at once? No problem—they can filter by multiple tracks at once. A young professional interested in best practices, for example, can select both filters in the app and view the results most applicable to her.

When you offer attendees Omnipress’ mobile event app, you help them pinpoint the sessions best suited to their role, career stage, and interests, and give them a conference experience they’ll remember for its relevance and value. Try it out yourself with our mobile event app demo!


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