Connect the Dots: Sessions and Speakers

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Connections - SmallerWhether you view an event’s schedule in print, online, or through a mobile event app, you expect it to include every session and include at least the names of the speakers. That should be a given.

But let’s say there’s a session that attendee Joseph has been meaning to catch. Maybe she is his former professor or mentor. Maybe he’s an industry thought leader whose blog Joseph reads religiously. All Joseph knows is, whatever this person has to say, he wants to hear it—all of it.

With standard program listings, Joseph has to scan each session manually to find out where and when to see his superstar speak or contribute in a panel discussion. With Omnipress’ mobile event app, Joseph can look up the speaker’s profile and see a list of the sessions he’s presenting. He simply swipes the session title to add it to his personal itinerary.

This connectivity works in the opposite direction as well. As Joseph reviews the schedule and finds a session with his favorite thought leader, he brings up her profile, where he finds a list of other sessions she’s leading.

Joseph will never miss an important session again! When speakers and sessions are connected, your attendees get the full picture of the event, and each block of time they’ll spend at the convention center. Attendees will make better use of their time when they have more information to base their decisions on.

Relationships aren’t just for networking anymore. Connect the dots between sessions and speakers in your mobile event app so your attendees can make the most of your events!


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