Podcast: Real Science-4-Kids Outsourcing Case Study with guest Dr. Rebecca Keller

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podcast-logoTraining and Development Talk, a podcast hosted by Product Director Dan Loomis and Account Manager Tony Veroeven, has released a new episode. Read the episode guide here on the blog and listen at Omnipress.com/podcast.

Dr. Rebecca Keller of Gravitas Publications and Real Science-4-Kids joins Dan and Tony for this podcast. Rebecca starts off as an academic scientist and decides to home-school her kids.

When she looked for a science textbook, Rebecca found that none of them taught science as she had learned it in college. Necessity is the mother invention: Rebecca wrote books to teach her kids, and other home-schooling families began using them, too. Before long, Rebecca decided to become a publisher.

While Rebecca was fueled by her passion for science and teaching kids through her books, she had no love for the printing and fulfillment tasks involved in the business. Renting warehouse space, hiring seasonal staff, and managing inventory added up to a lot of stress and frustration, especially as her business grew.

Eventually, Rebecca reached her limit—and reached out to Omnipress. Rebecca realized she couldn’t grow past a certain point using her own system. If she wanted to reach more kids, which is her ultimate goal, she’d have to do something else. Her success was limited by her own staff and warehouse space.

With print and fulfillment off her plate, she is free to focus on writing the books. Now Rebecca is releasing new titles (24, to be exact) without having to worry if she has space for more books. She just calls up Omnipress and has them handle the details. She is longer pulled away from the things she loved: “writing the books, speaking, and talking about my vision for science education.”

Rebecca is very pleased with her partnership with Omnipress. “You’re really allowing me to see my dreams and my vision fulfilled.” Her advice for an association going through the same growing pains is simple: “Sit down and write out two lists: this is what I really want to do, and this is what I’m doing that I don’t want to do.” Then figure out how to get the second list done—without having to do it yourself.

“Life is short!” Rebecca said. “We really don’t get that much time, so why waste it packing up books,” in her case? Write it out—What am I doing that I don’t want to do? Is it leading to the mission? She is willing to bet that 90% of the folks out there “think they have it under control, but if you’re coming home exhausted every night and don’t have the freedom to think about how to create new things, something is broken.”

To learn more about Dr. Rebecca Keller and Real Science-4-Kids, visit her website (realscience4kids.com) or call 505-266-2691 to speak with her customer service staff. The books are “designed for anyone who wants to take a fresh look at science education.” To offer a comment about the podcast, email podcast@omnipress.com.


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