Collection Reflections: A Poem (Part I)

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Online Collection Systems

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RearviewWith Christmas Day
Just a week away,

Your mind is occupied;
Your brain’s nearly fried.

From the current year’s conference,
Came triumph and success.

As 2014 comes,
You twiddle your thumbs,

And anticipate new beginnings.
Your thoughts have you grinning,

As you dream of booking
Great speakers, currently cooking

Up papers that you can’t ignore.
(Because abstracts cover your floor!)

And you wonder, once more,
Should I open the door

To a better collection process?
If the pricing is modest,

And the system could help us,
Our current practice to assess,

It would be worth the time
To consider the prime

Solutions available to us.
To avoid all the fuss,

Let’s call Omnipress,
See if they can express

Something easier for us to use.
If their system we choose,

It should help us reduce
(Or, better. unloose)

The collection woes that we face.
Each speaker we chase

For a final paper
Is a good indicator

That what we are doing won’t work.
In the new year, we’re tempted to shirk

Collection tasks we’d rather avoid.
With a quick fix, we’d be overjoyed.

So you pick up the phone,
Embrace the unknown,

And dial up your contact Vince.
Words, you’ll find, he doesn’t mince:

He answers your questions,
Accepts your suggestions,

And says he’ll get back to you soon.
Your ED is over the moon!

The RFP is received,
The bid can’t be believed,

Considering the service is stellar.
(This is no robocall teller.)

Soon a contract is signed,
And you’re finally out of the bind!

Look the new year square in the face
Without giving even a trace

Of how much collection once stressed you.
In 2014, it won’t best you.

With Omnipress by your side,
All your tension is nullified.

Check back tomorrow for the poem’s exciting conclusion!

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About Gina Wentling

During her time as Marketing Communications Coordinator (2013-16), Gina wrote hundreds of blog posts for Omnipress. Her work has also been published in association publications. Read More.

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