Collection Reflections: A Poem (Part II)

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Poets CornerSee yesterday’s post for the first half of this poem!


Now that you’ve collected,
It’s best you respected

The excellent content you’ve got.
Now is your shot

To make content accessible
(Downright irrepressible)

With Omnipress delivery products.
Mobile apps in the pockets

Of each attendee,
Listening to the emcee

As they peruse the printed proceedings.
The event website prevents the misreadings

Of papers once back in the office,
Despite the occasional pauses.

Now the staff is quite happy,
Submitter responses—snappy,

And reviewers know what they should do.
They don’t need to call upon you.

With 2014 upcoming,
And Christmas tunes humming

Through the hallways of your association’s space,
You know you’ve come to the right place.

Omnipress will help you,
And you’ll come to view

Collection as not such a chore.
What company would help you more?

Not a one, you’ve concluded,
And so you’ve alluded

You’ll be an Omnipress supporter.
On LinkedIn, you’ll serve as reporter

Of the best vendor partner you know.
Wish you’d started with them long ago!

All your content is managed,
To the members’ advantage,

And 2014 will be swell!
To the stresses of this year, farewell!

As your content worries disappear,
Omnipress wishes you Happy New Year!


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During her time as Marketing Communications Coordinator (2013-16), Gina wrote hundreds of blog posts for Omnipress. Her work has also been published in association publications. Read More.

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