The Best Gift of All May Be … a Change!

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Gift Exchange 1So, how did it go? No, I don’t mean Christmas dinner with your family or your annual drive around town to see the holiday light displays of your neighbors. I’m not referring to your grandma’s fruitcake or the drive to your in-law’s house or meeting your cousin’s latest boyfriend.

I’m talking about consumerism at its finest. How was your loot? Did you get anything you’ll have to return? Isn’t that a drag?

The problem, of course, is that no one knows you as well as you do. Gift-giving is tricky! You try to get that perfect little something for everyone on your list. It should fill a need (or fulfill a dream) yet subtly reflect your relationship to each other and serve as a reminder of that closeness when the recipient sees or uses it. See what I mean?

There will always be a bit of a guessing game with holiday gifting. Just shrug and accept that you won’t always get what you want, but your friends and family are doing the best they can, and it really is the thought that counts.

When you receive product or service that you chose yourself, though, there should be considerably less waffling. Sure, those pants might not fit the same outside of the dressing room or the gadget you bought online might not quite work out, but generally speaking, when you shop for yourself, you end up pretty happy.

When you shop for your association, though, things become more complicated. Even if you’ve thoroughly vetted your service providers, there is always trepidation along with excitement when a contract is signed.

Then you start working with a provider. Sometimes it’s great! Sometimes it’s … not. You may end up wishing you could return your mobile app or event website provider as easily as you return shoes to Zappos. Unfortunately, changing vendors is rarely as simple as that.

Eventually, though, your contract comes up, or you decide to make a move now because the vendor relationship isn’t working out, or customer service is subpar, or services aren’t delivered in budget and on time. Whatever your frustration, some day it may reach a level that provokes action in your association and board. (This is not, as we understand it, easily accomplished.)

When you reach the tipping point, Omnipress will be there to help you. Maybe you’re new to us altogether. Perhaps you’ve been a print customer for years and have decided to add a mobile event app. There are dozens of similar situations, and no matter which fits your association, we welcome you to consider exchanging your current frustrations with a more supportive, collaborative relationship with Omnipress.

We have decades of experience working with associations and have evolved over the years to offer you the best content delivery options available, from the print we’ve been producing for 37 years to newer tools like the abstract and speaker management system and mobile event app. Our customer service is the best in the business and regularly earns accolades from associations across the country.

Whether you shop for loved ones, yourself, or your association, you should be happy with the results. If you’re not, it’s time to consider making an exchange. You’ll see how much better life can be when you’ve found just the right fit.


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During her time as Marketing Communications Coordinator (2013-16), Gina wrote hundreds of blog posts for Omnipress. Her work has also been published in association publications. Read More.

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