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iStock_000014098014SmallerMany companies express gratitude to their clients at Thanksgiving, and some messages come across as disingenuous. Thanks for what, exactly? All the money customers have given a company over the last year? Customers’ contributions to the company’s bottom line?

Well, sure. Those things are important, and like those companies, Omnipress wouldn’t have lasted the last 36 years if it weren’t for the support of our loyal clients, both long-term and brand-new.

But our gratitude runs deeper than mere dollars and cents. We learn from our clients; working with them makes us better. Why are we thankful for you?

Client requests help us grow and offer others more. Go ahead—ask for a modification we’ve never tried before. When we’re finished with your project, we’ll have that experience to bring to other clients that want the same thing you did. We’ll be able to say with confidence, “Yeah, we can do that.”

Client comments teach us how to better serve everyone. We do our very best for each client, but no one’s perfect. If we fall short of your expectations and you bring it to our attention, we will not only do whatever it takes to make it right for you, but we’ll have a greater awareness of that problem as we work with others.

Client praise teaches us how to attract more business. When you tell us what we did well, that gives our marketing department (including yours truly) ideas to promote our products and services. Without your help, we might be focusing on something that doesn’t bring you added value, while ignoring something that does. When we speak with you to develop case studies, we gain insight into your struggles and what we can do to help you overcome them.

Client feedback helps us develop new products. When you share your ideas with us (Does your app let attendees build a personal itinerary?), we have a better understanding of what you’re looking for in educational content delivery. Our product directors pay close attention to this feedback, and our offerings evolve according to your requests and suggestions.

Client survey results paint an accurate picture of the industry as a whole. When you complete an Omnipress survey, you do more than just enter yourself in a drawing to win an iPod or other prize. You show us what you and your colleagues consider important, what challenges you face, and what content tools will help you do a better job. We use this information to give back to our customer base as a whole, improving what we do to match what you need.

Association professionals are grateful for their members and event attendees, who help run the organizations, from the dues and registration fees they bring in to the valuable feedback they provide.

We feel the same about you. With your support, we’ve become flexible, kept our finger on the pulse of the industry, improved our service, updated our products, and, yes, become more profitable. We have you to thank for our success.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours from Omnipress!


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