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Cubes of ice on a white background. File contains the path to cut.No matter what you do for a living, you could probably stand to learn a few trends and solutions. If your association is responsible for credentialing, you’re in luck! Next week (November 11-14), the Institute for Credentialing Excellence holds its annual ICE Exchange, and this year’s theme is Trends and Solutions for Leaders in Credentialing.

Dan Loomis and Tony Veroeven will exhibit at the show, representing the solutions Omnipress brings to continuing education training. We offer print, fulfillment, inventory management, and online services for ILT courses. Regardless the scope of you project, from 50 workbooks of a single title to a complete library of 200 titles in print with online and mobile components, Omnipress is ready and willing to be your partner.

Free up your staff time, and your office space, for more meaningful work. Wouldn’t your association staffers be better utilized planning future CE training classes or planning the next event? Leave it to Omnipress to pack the boxes and make sure everything gets where it needs to go. Staff time spent en route to Kinko’s or UPS could be repurposed to improve the association’s future activities.

Your office space is probably cluttered enough. (I don’t judge; my desk is rarely clear.) When you add box upon box of training manuals to the mix, a simple walk to the conference room can seem like an obstacle course. By keeping your inventory off-site, you can clear the clutter, mentally and physically, and leave the boxes where they belong—on a warehouse shelf.

As far as trends go, Omnipress is ready to follow you to the future and beyond. Blended learning is part of the game for many continuing education training classes today. Offering content online makes it easier for learners to read and review content when the course manual isn’t handy. (For example, many associations give access to online content before the class begins.) The website is built using responsive design, which means you can easily read it on any device, from a smartphone to a 24” desktop monitor.

Whether or not your association offers credentialing, Omnipress can provide you with trends to appeal to a new generation of learners and solutions to your print, fulfillment, inventory management, and online services needs. If you do offer credentialing, Dan and Tony would love to see you in Florida next week at ICE Exchange!

For a preview of our dynamic duo, download their podcast, Training and Development Talk. There are four episodes ready so far; we will release a new episode every other Tuesday. Enjoy!


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