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smartphone-ebook-reading-IISometimes reading association materials is catch-as-catch-can for your members. Few professionals can dedicate an afternoon to reading through conference materials after an event. After all, several days at the office have been missed and there is catching up to be done. The printed program, session handouts, and other materials they received at the conference, which are relevant and valuable but momentarily just in the way, will have to wait.

Having online access to educational content doesn’t solve the problem posed by the busy lives of professionals, but it does make it easier for members to grab that content and take it in piecemeal.

On the Go
Sure, members can also pick up the program book and riffle through it when they have a few minutes or need a break, but being able to view content online takes that concept on the road.

These days, whenever people have a few spare moments—we do spend much of our lives waiting—the phones come out. It’s becoming second nature. Take advantage of that time and impulse. Put your conference content online and your members will have a chance to skim an article or review a session handout while waiting in line at the grocery store or for the kids to finish up at the dentist. Omnipress websites feature responsive design, so the site content will appear correctly on smartphones, tablets, and computers alike.

At your desk
Online access is helpful in the office, too. Every so often during the workday, the brain needs a little break from the concentration required to get work done. Turning the intensity down, without turning it off, can help you refocus. That’s the perfect time to fit in a little professional development.

Reread a handout from your favorite session last year. Get those synapses firing by skimming an abstract. Remember all the fun you had and great connections you made by taking a spin through the Photo Gallery. Access it all on your association’s event content site! Plus, online content is easier to search, especially if the member wants to look up something from a past conference.

No matter where they happen to be, your members can take advantage of access to association content to learn more about the state of the industry and the new strides being made every day. To learn more about event content websites, contact Omnipress today.


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