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Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Online Collection Systems

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Posting a letterThere’s no time like the present to begin collecting abstracts, posters, speaker bios, award information, and presentations for your spring conference. Omnipress brings you a streamlined, simplified online collection system with benefits you’ve come to expect, like flexibility and customization, data reports, email within the system, and robust reviewing capabilities. (For more, read the white paper!)

Don’t look now, but we’re bringing you even more to love! Our system now offers payment gateway and lockbox features.

The payment gateway allows you to charge a fee, required before an abstract can be submitted for review. Omnipress integrates with PayPal’s payment gateway, but your users don’t need to sign up for a PayPal account. Visa and Mastercard are accepted as well. (If you’d prefer another gateway vendor, we can accommodate many requests, as long as extra lead time is given.)

Beyond providing an additional revenue stream for the association, a submission fee will discourage individuals who want to have their work published, but don’t plan to attend the event (much less present), from wasting reviewers’ time.

The fee ensures that the submitter has some skin in the game. Even if you do end up getting papers from individuals with no serious intent to present, the fee will soften the blow of the time and hassle spent in review.

A lockbox allows a signed, sealed, and delivered submission to no longer be available for editing. If a submitter is finished editing a paper, the lockbox is the virtual equivalent of mailing it in. No more changes, period.

Beyond the closure a submitter gets from a lockbox, reviewers can get a jump start on the tasks ahead. A “rolling review” allows the committee to get started looking through abstracts as they come in. This can alleviate some of the crunch-time stress that comes with concurrent deadlines. At least a few submitters are sure to have their papers done ahead of time.

Will either of these new features work for your association? If not, are you taking full advantage of the other benefits of the abstract management system? Find out now by contacting Omnipress.

Get in touch with your account manager or project manager and ask for suggestions on making your collection process even easier. The Omnipress team can also help you take the next step, distributing your top-notch content at your conference, in print, online, and/or through a mobile event app.

Stay tuned for future updates to Omnipress’ products and services. We are always looking for ways to improve your event content experience.


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