What’s This I Hear? Omnipress Launches a Podcast!

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podcast-logoOmnipress’ continuing education team—Product Director Dan Loomis and Account Manager Tony Veroeven—have something to say. They have a lot to say, actually, which is why they’ve launched a podcast.

On Training and Development Talk, Dan and Tony will cover a wide range of topics, though they will maintain a connection to continuing education, certification, and professional development. They will discuss everything from printed workbooks to new technology to online course content, with a focus on presenting information so that it resonates with different learning styles. Dan and Tony seriously consider training and development issues, but keep the conversation light and fun.

We will post a Weekly Minute and Episode Guide to accompany each new episode. The podcast’s duration is 10-20 minutes—long enough to delve into the topic, but not so long as to disrupt your day. Dan and Tony tackle topics relevant to the CE training world, like new blended learning apps (NetPage) and LinkedIn group discussions about the value of physical handouts in an increasingly-digital world.

Whether you work for a national association, a non-profit, a corporation, or another organization that offers training courses for professions, you can listen in to learn more about the trends and topics you face every day.

Give the first episode a listen and let us know what you think! Comments on the podcast can be sent to podcast@omnipress.com.


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