What the Government Shutdown Means for your Association

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Government ShutdownWith the government in the midst of the third straight day of a shutdown, associations and non-profits are scrambling to deal with the aftermath and help their members. The direct impacts are pretty evident and with all National parks being closed and lots of funding that is essential to our American way of life being delayed, it’s a scary time.

But what does this all mean for Non-Profits and Associations outside of the bright lights of the media? Here’s three things you can count on in the next few months:

Lower Attendance

We continue to hear more and more that attendance is down at association conferences and tradeshows and this will only continue to be a common occurrence. Not only are a lot of government workers part of your associations, but for some of you, they amass the vast majority. This means conference attendance will drop in 2014 and beyond because of uncertainty in budgeting. Allowing access to those who can’t find room in their budget to physically attend will become increasingly important. A digital publishing platform with archiving capabilities can go a long way for your events in the next few years.

Increase in the Importance to Show Value

For those of you non-profits that rely on government funding, you will feel the effects no matter how long this shutdown lasts. Unfortunately, this has become somewhat of the norm for those of you in this sector as budgets seem to always be getting cut. It’s important that those of you who are part of this group continue to leverage the resources that you do have and continue forward providing value to your members.  If you can show them value in this time of hardship, you can really leverage the relationships that associations and non-profits thrive off of. And in turn, you can maintain membership as budgets continue to shrink.

Consolidation of Programs

As usual with budget cuts, you will see programs being consolidated into a singular program. Consolidation for most organizations means reducing overhead, but for those of you that work for the association or non-profit, that usually means your responsibilities will increase greatly. Staying organized with your projects will become essential and the companies you work with must help you achieve that. It may be time to consolidate your projects into one partner that can handle it all (like Omnipress). Working with one partner on multiple projects will reduce the headache of taking on more responsibility.

What do you think? How will the shutdown effect associations nationwide? Let us know below in the comment section!


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