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iStock_000012107432 SmallerMore and more associations are turning to websites and mobile event apps to distribute event content. This is a good thing! It’s important to offer content when, where, and how attendees need it.

Still, additional media usually means additional vendors, and with each new proposal you receive, you can imagine the association’s already-stretched budget going down the drain. Expanding your event content delivery options is a good investment, to be sure, but it is nevertheless quite an investment.

One way to curtail some of the cost, particularly the set-up costs that so often accompany contracts with a new vendor, is to partner with a company that can handle more of the services you need. Hiring one vendor that handles both your website and your mobile app simplifies the process and cuts costs. But a vendor that can do all that and print your programs, too? Even better!

Too many cooks in the kitchen can cost you in other ways, too. When you deal with different vendors for each medium, communication between them is never guaranteed. You have to reach out to a webmaster, a mobile app developer, and a printer to get event content to your attendees. Updates to schedules, papers, and other information can be a nightmare!

With the Omnipress EventCMS suite of services, all of that communication is handled internally, within a single company, using proven processes. That means less phone tag and endless email conversations for you to handle. Using one vendor saves on human resources; staff can be reallocated to work on more mission-fulfilling projects.

To learn more about how Omnipress can serve as your one-stop shop for event content delivery, download our white paper, Event Content Planning: A Step-By-Step Guide to Simplifying Your Life.


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