EventCMS: Questions to Consider, Part 2

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Rodin Thinker isolated on white, clipping path includedYesterday, I presented a scenario with questions to consider when taking your event content online. Did I cover it all in the post? Not by a long shot. Let’s brainstorm a few more.

Before you can decide how to distribute your content, think about your goals. Are you looking to increase revenue? Will the content help you build membership value? Is retention the main problem you’re trying to solve? How about branding? Is that your event content marketing goal?

This can lead your content delivery strategy.For example, if you want to build membership value, you can offer materials online, where only members can log in and answer the content. Nonmember attendees will be compelled to join the association if they want access. If your goal is increasing revenue, maybe it’s better to offer online content for a fee, to members and nonmembers alike. Work with a vendor (may I suggest Omnipress?) that allows you the flexibility to offer content either way.

Another consideration is user-generated content, which is usually associated with a mobile app. Specifically, how much control do you want over content your users write about your conference? If you use a Twitter hashtag for your event (which you should!), attendees, speakers, exhibitors, sponsors, and others will post about the conference.

Relax—this is a good thing! The buzz around your event will build excitement. And what if someone posts an unkind comment? It happens. Unless it’s blatantly inappropriate, just let it go. You’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that most comments are positive. People want to share their good experiences with colleagues, friends, and family.

Keep reading the blog for more on what to think about when you’re deciding how to distribute event content!


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