EventCMS: Questions to Consider, Part 1

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Content Strategy, Mobile Apps, Print

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questions or decision making conceptYou have collected all (well, most) of your papers and developed your program. Now you’re ready to offer it to the attendees. When you look over the different materials, you think through how you want to get the information to everyone. Sit down and put your thinking cap on. There’s a lot to consider here!

A printed program used to be a given, but now you’re seeing more event apps. Last year, you recycled hundreds of programs that no one wanted. Deciding quantities used to be easy – order one for each attendee, plus 10% extra. Now that seems like a waste of paper, including “dead presidents on green.” Your association can’t afford to spend money foolishly. So what quantity makes sense in an increasingly-digital world? Who can help you make that decision?

With all those tablets and smartphones roaming the convention center halls, glued to the hands of the attendees, does a mobile event app make sense? Would it be used by enough people to be worth the investment to build it? What should you include in the app? How useful is an app that attendees would only use a month before, during, and a few weeks after the event? How can you get better ROI from your mobile app?

Look at the content again. Do you need help deciding what content might work better in which formats? Can you afford to include it in multiple formats (print, website, and app)? Every vendor you’ve talked to has significant start-up costs and they are adding up fast. The content is terrific, so you want every member and attendee to have access to it. This content delivery quandary is giving you a headache.

If you offer a printed program and/or a mobile event app, does it make sense to also host papers on a website? Would attendees prefer to access session handouts on a laptop or desktop once they’re back in the office, after the conference? Tablets and smartphones are great for on-the-go content consumption, but for long reading sessions, a bigger screen is best. Print works, too, but it’s helpful to read articles or handouts with hyperlinks to supporting materials and speaker contact information.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath. As the title character in the new Showtime series “Ray Donovan” says, “You’re in the solution now.” Omnipress can help with all of these issues. We’ve worked with association event content since 1977. We know your world, we understand your struggles, and we are ready to help you. Visit Omnipress.com and read about our EventCMS suite of services. If you prefer to communicate online, start a “chat” on the site.

Or you can pick up the phone and dial 800-828-0305. Before you know it, Omnipress will help you craft an event content marketing strategy that works for you, your association staff and budget, and your members.

We look forward to hearing from you soon.


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