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Omnipress and Coke BearI went to the ASAE Annual Meeting & Exposition in Atlanta this year.  The show was in downtown Atlanta, which I thought was very cool. as it was the site of the Athlete’s Village for the 1996 Olympics.  The Olympics have always been very special to me, so a visit to some of the areas built up for the Games was a real treat.

On August 2, I arrived in Atlanta, to a hot, muggy day.  But instead of sitting in my hotel, I thought it would be good to explore.  Walking through Centennial Olympic Park, I realized that I needed to cool off.  Knowing I couldn’t play in the fountain with the local children (sadly), I settled for a fountain Coke in the shade.  It would not be my last Coke of the week. When in Atlanta…

Not only was I in Atlanta for the ASAE tradeshow, but I was also an attendee at the AMCs Engaged! event the next day.  I found this show to be very educational.  As someone who focuses on assisting association management companies with content delivery for their clients, it was invaluable.  Each group has its own set of struggles and goals.  To hear AMCs of all size discuss this gave me great insight into how I can be a better partner.

While Saturday’s main focus was AMCs Engaged!, it was also the day of the Opening Night Celebration.  The site was the Georgia Aquarium and the World of Coca-Cola.  It was a great event; ASAE went all out.  Great to see so many people have such a good time.  While the Go Go’s may not be my idea of good music, it was something that was enjoyed by many.  I did enjoy the tour of the World of Coca-Cola, even if some of the soda from around the world were, and how to put this delicately…gross.

Early the next morning was the 5K Fun Run/Walk at Piedmont Park.  It was a great morning for a run, cool (as cool as Atlanta gets in August) and a perfect setting, plenty of green space.  I rushed back after the run to make sure that I got to the General Session hosted by Susan Cain.  The General Session interested me because she was talking about the strengths of introverts.  As an introvert myself, it was great to hear her thoughts.

The remainder of that day and next were a rush of meeting new people at the expo, where Omnipress exhibited in booth 421.  We unveiled our new booth stands and I could not have been more impressed.  As people approached our booth, they easily understood what we did and whether or not our services were valuable to them.  This led to many great conversations.

  • “Can you help me host my abstracts online?”
    • Yes, let’s discuss what you are thinking.
  •  “Am I able to sell my archive content online?”
    • Yes, you are able to sell your archive content. We can package it by paper, topic, year or any variation. Will everyone pay the same amount? Or will some groups get a discount?
  • “Can I block access to my material, so only my members can gain access?”
    • Yes, you can have full control of who views your content and for how long.

The expo was a great success and busy for everyone.  There were twenty rows of vendors, something for every association and need.

After any event, people are both excited and tired.  Excited to get back and put some of their new ideas to work, and tired from the long days.  I was no exception, but before we could leave I had to make sure to attend the Closing General Session hosted by Dan Heath on being decisive.  Dan was a very practiced speaker, who gave great insight into the decision-making process.  He was quite funny and informative.

Tired and excited, I took my taxi to the airport, reflecting on the last few days.  I had a lot of fun, met some great people, and learned a lot.  Was ASAE a valuable experience?  Yes, in more ways than one.  I was excited to go back and see everyone again in 2014. See you in Nashville!

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