We invite you to read our new collections white paper, Choosing the Right Abstract Management System: From Design to Usability to Support—Nine Key Elements!

To whet your appetite, we’ll share one of the nine key elements—Access Control. Traffic lights

Administrative access to your online collection system should be nearly limitless. An admin should be able to view submissions, run reports, and access other information, like biographies and photos. The access should be available 24/7, for as long as needed, which may well extend beyond the submission deadline.

Access control goes beyond the admin, though. These questions are also worth considering.

  • Do you need to provide different levels of access to different roles within the system?
  • Will program chairs only need access to their specific sessions or tracks?
  • How will you handle adding late submissions, turned in after the site is closed, without opening the entire site back up to everyone?

The system you decide to use should take access into consideration and give you the options you need to get the job done effectively and efficiently. After all, controlling access to your online collection system should solve more problems than it creates.

Are you interested in reading the other eight key elements? Download the white paper here.