How is Spending Changing in Continuing Education & Instructor-Led Training?

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You might be wondering why I’m putting on sun tan lotion. It’s because the corporate training industry is hot, real hot. Over the last two years, growth in spending has increased anywhere from nine to eleven percent. A lot more money is going into that industry which got us thinking, “I wonder how that’s impacting associations directly with the continuing education and their courses and seminars.” So, over the next couple of weeks Omnipress is going to put out a survey, and we’re going to want to know from you, how your spending is changing and how your Instructor-Led training changing. Is print still a relative component or are you going more online? Are you putting more spending towards a blended learning solution? So, over the next couple of weeks, look for some information coming from Omnipress. I’m Dan Loomis and that’s my minute.

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