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Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Content Strategy, Online Publishing

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JumpingHow many times did you say that as a kid? And then you dived into the pool or popped a wheelie on your bike. Or maybe you did something that was truly dangerous, and made your own mother watch you fall and get hurt.

Now you (and your mom) are inundated with cat videos and live concert clips and much more. If you watched every video you ran across, you’d never have time to anything else! Some are worth your time (I recommend The Sesame Street Version of Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”), some are not so much, or not at all.

The video I present to you today is worth a small time investment (just over a minute!) to introduce you to the Omnipress Digital Publishing Platform. It captures the product as well in just over a minute as our white paper does in 16 pages. So, Mom, go ahead—Watch this!



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During her time as Marketing Communications Coordinator (2013-16), Gina wrote hundreds of blog posts for Omnipress. Her work has also been published in association publications. Read More.

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