Build Your Digital Library: Standards, Policy Books, Technical Manual

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Content Strategy, Online Publishing, Training

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iStock_000002306290SmallGood morning and thanks for reading! We have more examples of WHAT can be included in a Digital Publishing Platform on today.

You can publish technical manuals online. Your members want easy access to information they use regularly. Search capabilities make these materials more valuable digitally than they are in print. Your on-the-go members can find information quickly and get on with the day.

Publish your standards online for the same reasons. Members don’t need all of the information every day they’re on the job. It makes sense to access the standards on a tablet or smartphone, rather than bring along a huge, cumbersome printed piece.

It’s important that your members know your association’s position on relevant issues, which is why your policy book should be available on your Digital Publishing Platform. If any changes need to be made based on current events or legislation, it’s much easier, faster, and less expensive to update information on your DPP and send a notice to members. Revising a printed version and getting it in the hands of the membership is a much more costly, time-consuming process. It needs to be done, but in the interim, offering your members current information online is a smart solution.

Up next: training and continuing education materials. Tune in tomorrow for more!


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