Build Your Digital Library: Proceedings, Session Handouts, Books of Abstracts

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Conferences, Content Strategy, Online Publishing

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Last week you learned how a Digital Publishing Platform can house your association publications, from journals to newsletters to directories. Next we’ll cover your association’s biggest event of the year – your annual conference.

You know Omnipress as the Proceedings Printer, and we still play that role. With our new DPP, though, we take it to the next level, offering your proceedings and other conference materials online for easy, on-the-go access with convenient search benefits.

Conference proceedings: As mentioned earlier, we offer proceedings. We always will.iStock_000000801432Small

  • Session handouts: Trigger a memory of that great session with the handout your member accidentally recycled.
  • Session recordings: The Digital Publishing Platform can accommodate audio and video recordings, too. Watch the sessions you couldn’t attend.
  • Book of abstracts: There’s important information that didn’t even get presented at the conference. And who manages to attend for every poster presentation, anyway? Scan the book of abstracts; find it in your DPP.

We’ve covered a lot of content already. And yet, there’s more! Stay tuned for other content categories tomorrow.


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