Digital Publishing Essentials: Responsive Design & Analytics

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iStock_000022296151XSmall-1Did you miss the earlier posts about benefits of using a Digital Publishing Platform for your association’s content? That’s okay; everything lives on after it’s been posted on the blog. Read about it here, here, and here. And below.

Responsive Design—How hard is it to look at some websites on your smartphone? It’s ridiculous, isn’t it? You try rotating the phone to read the site in landscape, you pinch and zoom, you squint like you’re staring directly at the sun. There’s gotta be a better way.

There is! Responsive design is the answer. Some sites are built to appear differently depending on the device you’re using. Use a desktop with a 30” monitor and it’s spread out, with drop-down lists and other mouse-appropriate features. View the same exact site (, for example, not on a tablet and it’s streamlined and finger-appropriate.  When you view that site on a smartphone, well, you won’t get a migraine!

Analytics—What do your members really want? Which content speaks to them the most? Which content just isn’t attracting members at all? Most importantly, how can you tell? Have you quantified enough results? Given enough surveys?

Analytics will help you put your finger on the pulse. When you offer your association’s content online, these answers will become clearer to you. What do they want? Quantify it. Best content? Check what’s getting the most views, downloads, and shares. What isn’t working? The content with hardly any online engagement. In almost every case, you’ll get better intel by watching what people do than by asking them what they want. Keep an eye on your DPP activity to learn more about your membership.

You’re getting to be an expert on how Omnipress’ DPP can work for your association. Have you called us yet to get started? You’re waiting for the last entry on benefits? Well, you really don’t have to, but if you insist, we’ll wrap up on Friday with Sharing Widgets and Mobile App Integration.

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