Digital Publishing Essentials: AMS Integration & Search Engine Accessibility

Published by Gina Wentling | Topics: Associations, Content Strategy, News, Online Publishing

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iStock_000014134895XXXLarge-NewSo let’s see, where were we? You already know how valuable full-text and faceted search, My Library, subscription and access management, eCommerce, and a user-friendly administrative portal make the new Digital Publishing Platform. Surely that’s the full list, right? Asking for more would just be greedy.

It’s your lucky day! We have more benefits to cover today, tomorrow, and the next day. Let’s get started!

AMS Integration/Open API—Our DPP allows for easy integration with registration and association management systems. All of your member information will live in a single database that feeds seamlessly into the digital publishing platform. There’s no need to check one system for a member’s address and another for subscription status. You’ll be working from the same data set, and any changes made in one system will be automatically synced to the other. Wasn’t that easy?

Search Engine Accessible—By posting your association’s content online, you expose it to search engines. This means good news for the organization! When your association has more mentions online, it will rank higher on popular search engines, which will increases visibility online. That in turn attracts new members. And the more you do, the better the results. Publish one article online and you get a little boost. Upload everything you can think of and you’ll be amazed by the results.

On tap for tomorrow: Responsive design and analytics. See you then!

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