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Last week, you learned how My Library helps association members personalize content, which can lead to higher retention. We also covered the advantages of faceted search, which beats thumbing through a technical manual any day of the week.

Today we will continue to explore reasons to publish your association’s content online. Are you ready for more? Coming right up: Subscription & Access Management/eCommerce and User-Friendly Administrative Portal.

Subscription & Access Management/eCommerce—How do you handle subscriptions of printed materials? Will the same principles work online? Say newsletters are available to anyone who wants one, but members have to sign up and pay more to receive magazines and journals. Can that be done online, too? Will a difficult situation come up with the board this month? Will you receive event registrations after the deadline? Yes, yes, and yes!

The Omnipress Digital Publishing Platform can handle eCommerce; you can charge for access to certain materials, from magazines to eBooks to journals to archives. You can offer annual subscriptions or charge per item. It’s all up to your association.

User-Friendly Administrative Portal—Does the employee managing your association’s DPP have a technical background? If not, there’s no reason to reassign the task to your busy programmers. Omnipress’ new DPP is intuitive, regardless of the user’s technical knowledge.

When a new file is uploaded, the user can easily set it up so members will be able to find the information in a search. You don’t have to get IT involved or train other staff to carry out complex processes. Just enter a few sentences that describe the content, including phrases your members might use in a search, and you’re good to go.

Tune in tomorrow for more!

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