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iStock_000017275471XXXLarge-NewPublishing association content online has so many benefits—and our system has so many features—, we won’t be able to cover them in one newsletter. Instead, we’ll focus on three aspects of the Digital Publishing Platform that speak to most associations we serve: search, responsive design, and mobile app integration.

Could your members benefit from a digital library on your site? Without a doubt. Will you make digital publishing part of your association’s future? Clearly, we’re biased. Read on and decide for yourself.

Full-Text & Faceted Search–Possibly the most compelling reasons to publish your association content online is the ability to search the content. When people look for information these days, it’s much more Google than a table of contents or an index, right?

A digital publishing platform takes search to the next level. Using faceted search, you can winnow down the list by using different criteria (facets) to produce the most accurate results.

Let me give you an example. Say you’re shopping online for books. This search has to be narrowed down significantly to be effective. So you start with non-fiction and then restrict the search by subject (history). Still too many books! Try categories like new releases about world history, priced under $25. Suddenly your search gives you dozens books instead of billions.

That’s faceted search in a nutshell. It streamlines the process, bringing your members the content they need.

Responsive Design—It can be nearly impossible to look at—much less actually read—some websites on your smartphone. You try rotating the phone, you pinch and zoom, you squint. There must be a better way.

There is! Responsive design is the answer. Sites built to appear differently depending on the device you’re using make a big difference. With responsive design, the look of the site adjusts, depending on the size of the device (a smartphone or tablet) a member is using. A typical site looks wider and mouse-appropriate on a laptop, but on a tablet, it appears more streamlined and finger-appropriate. When you view that site on a smartphone, well, you won’t get a migraine!

Mobile App Integration — With a digital publishing platform, you can update your event app content from the same portal you use to manager your association’s web content. Your association’s mobile event app can be used to access your content for a full year, regardless of whether the user attended the conference.

Maximize your members’ use of the app, even months after your event. Your members will appreciate being able to access content from the app, anywhere they happen to be.

Your members spend much of their lives online, whether they’re connecting with colleagues, scheduling a haircut, or shopping for a new car. Meet them where they spend that time, with features to make their lives easier, and your members will see your organization as connected, attentive to its members’ needs, and as vital a resource as ever.


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